Monday, August 31, 2009



It is really exciting to be able to add this to my website. I have always been interested in fabrics since a very young age. Sitting on the floor with my nan and all her scraps. I used to watch her sew on the treadle machine and loved things I could create with my bits and pieces.

I have always done some sort of craft and have always been a sewer. I have been painting fabrics for about 10 years and was taught by an amazing artist Lisa Nutter. She held classes which involved painting on large whole fabrics approx. 2 meters x 1 meter. I loved the way it really challenged me to go outside my very small art pieces. Think outside the square so to speak. I ventured out on my own and painted fabrics for children's clothes. I also painted large whole cloths and eventually evolved to fabrics for patchwork and quilting. I attend some of the local shows and sell my fabrics in some of the quilt shops in the area.

Currently I am running workshops around the South East Queensland area. I always run beginners workshops with Dala Paints and mediums. It is amazing what you can achieve with just one product. I also run workshops for intermediate students who want to get assistance with a dyed project. I am currently running another workshop Floral Garden using a dyed background and ink tense pencils and crayons.

Dala Paints are a sun colour paints, they are very fluid and transparent and act like a dye. The sun colour means they have a pigment that reacts with the sun and you can get wonderful texture and unusual colours. They react well with salt and create beautiful texture and Bali type effects. They are intermixable with each other and with some of the mediums create amazing versatility.