Thursday, October 13, 2011

Workshop Day

Samples of Ice dyed fabrics

Ice Dyeing

We had a great day. Cecily,Di,Margaret and myself had some fun getting into a few different things. We started off with some sun dyeing and Cecily was in the theme for the weed exhibition. Our Textile group has an exhibition next year for weeds.

Margarets Ice dyed fabric

So with some beautiful colours and really interesting designs we played with some resists- rice flour, mashed potato and flour. Before lunch we did some ice dyeing with cubes and I was amazed at the slow rate the ice melted with the heavy plastic over it. I am still rinsing mine off. The afternoon saw us making metal papers for college and art quilts. They were still damp when we finished and yet to have the ink on top. They looked great. The ice dyeing steps are in the latest Quilting Art Mag. Thanks Girls for a great day.

Resist and painted


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Artisan of the Year Finalist 2012

Hi Everyone, How exciting!!! I have been chosen as one of 5 finalists in the Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan of the Year 2012. I am shocked and honoured to be in it. Now to get my pieces to the States to be judged for the final. The 3 pieces are Paris Memories, Lilly Pond and Poppies. They are on other blogs

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mermaid Beauty

I have been creating my Mermaid for a long time and I think she should go on the blog even though she isn't finished. She is hand painted on bleached calico. Quilted by Esther Strelan on her long arm quilter. I have embellished the tail with large aqua sequins and the fin is small aqua sequins. Beads in her hair and beading on the wrist. I have a long way to go but its a start. She is 2 1/2 meters long and 1.50wide.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mixed Media Project

Hi All,
I am adding some of the photos of the mixed media projects that are part of the next workshop in August/September. Please email me if you want to be part of them.
Paris Memories. Lilly Pond. Beautiful Poppies.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gatton Weekend

On 16th and 17th July I held a Flower Garden workshop out at Gatton. What a great weekend. I met some wonderful ladies and the first day we started getting our backgrounds dyed. This workshop always surprises me with the beautiful array of colours and they all turn out different from each other. On our second day we started with practice on our free machining. I really enjoyed this workshop. I have some photos to share. Special thanks to all the girls from Gatton.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Textile Day

We had an interesting day with gelitine plate printing. We started with thick paint on the plate and using paper to take off a layer or two to get to a beautiful mix of paint and using decals we printed 3 or 4 prints to get a series of images. From the photos you can see the stages in the progression of prints. Some beautiful images from all. We had a fun time doing these.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunshine Beach High

Year 11 Bag Photo's

Well Done

I can't believe its starting to get cool in the evenings. Its gone so fast. I haven't got my winter gear out yet.

I have dyed some beautiful rainbows and wanted to share what I've been doing. The packs of fat 1/8's are great in the all sorts of projects but I've put them into an embroidery applique and they look fantastic.

I have the photos from the Sunshine Beach year 11's and they are great. I'm am so proud of them having a go at some of the techiniques. We did fabric painting on the first day and the girls then used these technique to design their fabric and on the second day I showed them surface design, free machining, crayons, stamping and stencilling etc. These are some of their finished bags. Beautiful.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

summer 2011

Hi everyone, I have started off this year in hibernation at home with my own projects and have had the usual things going on with all my kids and the cat Rusty has been to the vet with a broken knee. How this happened we don't know. I think he fell off the verandah. He is hopping around the house and sleeping on Kyle's bed to recover. Simba (dog)had to get into the action as well and she went to the vet with sore eyes. I taught year 11 Home Ec girls 2 lessons on dying and embellishment. What a great bunch of girls. They have a lot of talent and I loved their finished dyed fabric. I am looking forward to seeing their finished bags. I hope to have some photos soon from Ms Fitz. I'm currently working on a machine embroidery piece with the use of the Go Cutter from work and it is magic to cut out all your applique shapes. So I'm having fun with something different. I'm also working on a mixed media piece Paris. New classes for this year are in process at Kimz Sewing and Patchwork on the Sunshine Coast please send me an email or contact Kimz. Fabric Painting and dying and mixed media are coming up soon. Michelle