Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Textile Day

We had an interesting day with gelitine plate printing. We started with thick paint on the plate and using paper to take off a layer or two to get to a beautiful mix of paint and using decals we printed 3 or 4 prints to get a series of images. From the photos you can see the stages in the progression of prints. Some beautiful images from all. We had a fun time doing these.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunshine Beach High

Year 11 Bag Photo's

Well Done

I can't believe its starting to get cool in the evenings. Its gone so fast. I haven't got my winter gear out yet.

I have dyed some beautiful rainbows and wanted to share what I've been doing. The packs of fat 1/8's are great in the all sorts of projects but I've put them into an embroidery applique and they look fantastic.

I have the photos from the Sunshine Beach year 11's and they are great. I'm am so proud of them having a go at some of the techiniques. We did fabric painting on the first day and the girls then used these technique to design their fabric and on the second day I showed them surface design, free machining, crayons, stamping and stencilling etc. These are some of their finished bags. Beautiful.