Thursday, October 13, 2011

Workshop Day

Samples of Ice dyed fabrics

Ice Dyeing

We had a great day. Cecily,Di,Margaret and myself had some fun getting into a few different things. We started off with some sun dyeing and Cecily was in the theme for the weed exhibition. Our Textile group has an exhibition next year for weeds.

Margarets Ice dyed fabric

So with some beautiful colours and really interesting designs we played with some resists- rice flour, mashed potato and flour. Before lunch we did some ice dyeing with cubes and I was amazed at the slow rate the ice melted with the heavy plastic over it. I am still rinsing mine off. The afternoon saw us making metal papers for college and art quilts. They were still damp when we finished and yet to have the ink on top. They looked great. The ice dyeing steps are in the latest Quilting Art Mag. Thanks Girls for a great day.

Resist and painted