Thursday, April 7, 2011

summer 2011

Hi everyone, I have started off this year in hibernation at home with my own projects and have had the usual things going on with all my kids and the cat Rusty has been to the vet with a broken knee. How this happened we don't know. I think he fell off the verandah. He is hopping around the house and sleeping on Kyle's bed to recover. Simba (dog)had to get into the action as well and she went to the vet with sore eyes. I taught year 11 Home Ec girls 2 lessons on dying and embellishment. What a great bunch of girls. They have a lot of talent and I loved their finished dyed fabric. I am looking forward to seeing their finished bags. I hope to have some photos soon from Ms Fitz. I'm currently working on a machine embroidery piece with the use of the Go Cutter from work and it is magic to cut out all your applique shapes. So I'm having fun with something different. I'm also working on a mixed media piece Paris. New classes for this year are in process at Kimz Sewing and Patchwork on the Sunshine Coast please send me an email or contact Kimz. Fabric Painting and dying and mixed media are coming up soon. Michelle